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Every Picture Tells a Story! 

Soho NYC 1979 - A true mecca for new and unusal art and design. Think Big founders Bob Malkin and Phyliss Prinz opened the first retail store featuring oversized pop art.  A favorite tourist destination and celebrity hot spot, Think Big! Soho took everyday objects and recreated fun, whimiscal art. A 6ft. Ticonderoga pencil, a 5ft. Crayola crayon, an 18 inch Oreo cookie and the beloved classic diner coffee cup, just to name a few. Bob has always maintained a love of big things. Now as foresight would have it, Think Big has come full circle. We welcome you to enjoy a bit of pop art among our tiny houses perched on the beautiful Catskill Creek.

Think Big! Live Small

Most of all Enjoy...