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About Us

Every Picture Tells a Story!

Soho NYC 1979 – A true mecca for new and unusual art and design, “Think Big!” founder Bob Malkin opened the first retail store featuring oversized pop art. A favorite tourist destination and celebrity hot spot, “Think Big!” Soho took everyday objects and recreated fun, whimsical art. A six-foot Ticonderoga pencil, a five-foot Crayola crayon, an eighteen-inch Oreo cookie, and the beloved giant sized classic diner coffee cup, are among the classic and now iconic objects.that were sold at the West Broadway location.  Having the forsight to purchase the commercial coop in Soho, Bob in 2016 was faced with a choice.  find a new tenant for the long held property, or sell and try something new.  Meanwhile his daughter Marjorie who was living the majority of the time in her 35 foot RV traveling the country with her husband, kids and dogs had settled in the Catskills, with Bob's Granddaughter Melissa to  manage the waterfront vacation rental properties Bob owns with his wife..  As Bob says "when my granddaughter Melissa feeling the squeeze of living with her Mom asked if I sell the store can I finance a Tiny House for her to live in, I knew in an instant we could sell the Soho location and open a tiny house vacation rental resort.  Key was finding the right property the right property "   As a longtime water worshipper, the search began for property that had water in some form.  When this 40 acres, with a 1/2 mile of creek frontage and an onsite waterfall  which had sat empty for nearly 11 years was found, my daughter Marjorie saw what it could be.   Walking on a deer trail with a real estater broker in snow boots, on a tiny ledge seeing a hint of water through the overgrown weeds, she knew, we found the next venture.  And so as fate would have it, “Think Big!” has come full circle. The store was sold and the proceeds were reinvested from the world of the oversized to the world of the undersized.  Our tiny homes have exceeded our expectations, the water view has our guests saying "WOW"    We welcome you to enjoy a bit of tiny living, in a truly spectacular setting.  We are not sure what is our favorite season, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.  The beauty of the Catskill Creek, our very own Waterfall, a seasonal heated pool, and of course our Little Goats, Ducks and Chickens just complete the peaceful getaway, all just 2 hours from NYC.  And so our name pays homage to the foresight of our founder.  

“Think Big! Live Small.”

Most of all Enjoy…

Bob, Marjorie & Melissa