Cancellation Policy:
Non Covid Related Cancellation: 100% No Refunds, Non Covid related cancellations need to be made 7 days prior to check in, in order to recieve a full dollar value House Credit to apply to a future reservation.  Cancellations less then 7 days will recieve a 50% value House Credit that is also valid for 5 years.  Cancellations less the 48 hours will recieve no credit and the reservation is forfieted. 

Those who have direct exposure to someone who has tested positive for Covid or any member of your party has tested positive may cancel at any time and recieve a full value house credit that is valid for 1 year from date of cancellation.  In order to qualify we will require a proof of exposure or a positive test. 

Virus Updates:
We take the virus very seriously, and am practicing social distancing with all our guests. We still enjoy daily goats walks, following socially distant guidlines and that has worked well.   In terms of cleaning, the tiny houses are disinfected inside, cleaned outside (grill, furniture), then inside is cleaned and disinfected again, outside disinfected on the way out.  We have reduced the amount of kitchen items to single use, ketchup, mustard, and cooking supplies, pots and pans are reduced as every item gets a cleaning between guests.  Should you require additional cooking utensils, we have just text and we will supply. We are open, operating well, and welcome guests to enjoy our little bit of naturally distanced nature.

Our Pool: 2021 Season has ended our pool is closed till  Aprox May 15th, for the  How are you maintaining social distance at the pool?   Our pool is treated with Bromine, and this is tested 3-5 times a day.  We supply signs and disinfectent for guests to spray before and after on lounge chairs.  Our experience with the pool has been our guests are super considerate, and we have not had any issue with crowding.  Many of the houses see the pool from the deck and guests wait for a spot, most guests have had the pool to themselves, not a single complaint about over crowding, or not enough time. Please note we do not permit anyone not fully toilet trained in the pool or on the pool deck.  If you have a small child or infant, they will not be permitted in the pool area there is no exception.  We will supply a private kiddie pool to your house. Pool Closes Sept 30.

Do the tiny houses have heat or air conditioning? All the tiny houses have heat and air conditioning

Are you dog friendly?  Yes you can bring your dog, a one time $25. fee applies per dog 

Can I bring other pets other then my dog? No, Cats, birds, bunnies, lizards, snakes, hampsters, gerbils, and all other pets aside from dogs are not permitted.  

Is it ok if I bring my child/infant?  Children/infants are welcome and count as people in terms of occupancy - do not book a tiny house that can not occupy the amount of people in your party. The additional people fee applies to children as well as adults and infant.  Please note: infants and children in diapers are not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  

Is the pool open year round?  The heated pool is open May 1 - Oct 1st.  ( Pool opening say is usually 10 days into May)

Can my toddler use the pool?  We are a commercial pool regulated by NYS BOH, no diapers or swimmies of any kind are permitted in the pool.  If you have a young child we will bring a small kiddie pool to your tiny house.  The kiddie pool is not permitted on the pool deck.  Please note: infants and children in diapers are not permitted in the pool or on the pool deck.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  

Do you have a hot tub?  No we do not 

What kind of bathroom do the tiny house house have?  All the tiny houses have regular flush toilets, either a tub/shower combo, or a stall shower.  All the houses have instant hot water and plenty of it. 

Are there supermarkets/restuarants nearby?  We have a wonderful supermarket Hannafords located less then 2 miles up the road.  A liquor store is located in the next little shopping plaza from the supermarket.  We have a few options for food delivery, and we have many restaurants in the nearby towns of Catskill, Hudson, Woodstock and Saugerties.  

Do you have options for special events like Birthdays or Anniversary's? We love celebrations and have a number of packages for making celebrating a breeze.  From onsite massages to banners, cakes, balloons all set up for your arrival. 

What is check in and check out times?   Check in is set at 3pm, Check out at 11am.  

Can you rent out the entire resort?  Yes, best to call for details 518 622 2626 

Can you fish in the Catskill Creek?  Yes, a permit is required (Walmart if needed) -  Trout, Lunker Bass and a large variety of Pan Fish are in the creek.  

Is there Kayaking and tubing year round?  Both kayaking and tubing are seasonal and contigent upon the water level and the speed that the water is traveling,  There is no additional charge for these activities, you reserve your time slot on the day you would like to do the activity.

What is there to do on property with my children?  In the Winter when there is snow we have sleds, tubs, snow shoes, In the Summer ( May - Oct 6) we have a heated pool, and garden.  All year long we have hiking, a waterfall, the creek, ducks, chickens and goats to visit.  Fresh eggs from our hens are available daily. (half a dozen per home is complimentary) Outdoor games, firepits to enjoy a fire.  BBQ we supply propane- Our tiny store provides games to borrow, snacks and local crafts.  Each season provides a different setting on property. 

Does each house have a firepit?  Each house has a firepit outside for a wood burning fire, firewood must be purchased on the property.  ( $5. per bundle which lasts most people two nights - $2. fire starter)  For those who would like a single match light we do sell duraflame logs in our store.  Wood from outside of the property is not permitted to be transported.  This is a requirement of the state that we adhere too strictly.  There is a serious issue of invasive species being transported on wood. Fires should never be above the knee and we do require guests to never leave a fire unattended. 
Office Hours - A person is availbe till 9pm for non emergency assistance.  A phone number is provided for guests to reach in the event of an emergency.  Otherwise any calls to the office will be answered in tha AM.

Parties- Unless you intend to rent the entire resort we are not the place for you.  We are a place for couples, friends and family to gather and enjoy nature, the views, the grill, a bottle of wine and quiet escape.  We are not the place for portable speakers with audible music that other guests hear.  

Are we a suitable location for bachelor and bachelorette parties?  If you are looking for a quiet place to hang out with friends, feel free to reach out, if you are looking for a wild and crazy time, we are not the place for you. Chill around a fire yes, carry champange bottles all around property, not the right place.  

Are the tiny houses shared?  The tiny houses are not shared, the property and the amenities on the property are shared.  We are never crowded even when full, there is a lot of property that belongs to the resort. 

Virus Update & Check in process - We have created a contactless check in, arrive on property at 3pm and press the facetime ipad on the check in counter.  We will check you in online.  Need assistance, we provide a text messaging number for assistance once on property.  

Bike Rentals: We will begin renting electic bikes in the spring of 2021.  There are many local long and very cool rail to trail conversions.  Our new bikes for rent are foldable and can be loaded into most cars.  We will supply you maps and directions for the best trails in the area.  Plan on spending a half day minimum for these day excursions.  We supply bike, bags to pack a lunch and supplies.  You will need to know how to ride a bike to rent the bikes and be a minimum of 16 years old.  We supply helmets as well.  This is an add on not included in the tiny house rental.